Chris Calloway

Originally from Dallas, Texas; in high school he was captain of his swim team where he went on to set multiple school records.
After joining the United States Army, Chris served as a Sniper in the Infantry for eleven years. In 2020 he made the transition from being a hunter of men to a hunter of fish. As a 2020 “Operation Apnea” winner, he truly began his training & found his passion as a Freedive Instructor, Commerical Spearo and Spearfishing Guide. After training with Ryan Rush, in just six months Chris successfully reached depths of 100 feet! Chris has found diving and spearing incredibly therapeutic and wishes to share this his passion with the rest of the veteran community and the world.

Chris is a Master Freediver, Assistant Instructor, Certified Combat Lifesaver, Emergency First Responder, Seasoned Spearfishing Guide & Commercial Spearo.