Bluewater Hunting Course




Bluewater Hunting Course 

This two-day course written & taught by commercial spearo Ryan Rush from his tried and true techniques that he used to make SEAC’s international spearfishing team, rated as one of the world’s most prestigious spearfishing teams. The  information he shares comes from three generations of dive instruction & commercial spearfishing!

This course is for all levels & focuses on:

  • Physiology & The Bluewater Hunter
  • Bluewater Rigging For Tuna, Wahoo & more
  • Drift Diving
  • Shrimp Boat Diving
  • Flasher & Chumming Techniques
  • Pelagic Hunting Techniques
  • Variable Diving For Deep Snapper/Grouper
  • Sharks
  • Survival In The Bluewater Environment
  • Spearo Ethics & Conservation
  • World Record Rules

This Freediving course will provide you all tools needed to reach new depths & trophy fish. Last day of the course is all Bluewater Spearfishing where we apply new techniques acquired in the course to targeting pelagic & deep wreck fish!

*Must have Level 1 Freedive certification

**Boat fees are not included; fees range $100-$150/Diver depending on location of boat/dives.

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