K.O. Powerhead



K.O. Powerhead

K.O. Powerheads are the perfect underwater protection device for any freediver or SCUBA diver, especially when you throw spearfishing into the equation! Feel safer in the water knowing you’re protected from sharks and other underwater predators.



  • Ready to use out of the box, all K.O. Powerheads are mounted to a 3/8in shaft that can be used as a handle. Other brands require fabrication before they can be used.
  • Highest Corrosion Resistance in the industry, Stainless Steel 316 construction: Molybdenum (Mo) content increases resistance to marine environments. Other manufactures use lower grade Stainless Steel which will rust, Passivation per ASTM 967: Chemical Passivation removes free iron and other surface contaminations from stainless steel parts, further improving corrosion resistance.
  • Dual Safety design: Safety Nut w/ Friction lock and Cotter Pin, Can be mounted to common spear shafts/poles spears with a 6mm internal thread and comes with an adapter for 5/16th
  • Not to be confused with cheaper O-ring designs which are less reliable and unsafe
  • ATF compliant per Federal Revenue Ruiling #55-569


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