Level 1 Freedive Course +NEPTONICS SET


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Level 1 Freedive Course +Neptonics Set

Taking a nautical approach training divers to spearfish as well as freedive. This two-day course includes interactive eLearning, classroom followed by confined water training & two open water sessions. This course is ideal for a complete noob or an informally trained diver with years of experience.

Level 1 Freedive Course is PADI credited, tailored & focused on training divers to spearfish as well as line-dive! Contains four phases – knowledge development, a confined water sessions, open water sessions & intro to spearfishing. During knowledge development you learn about how your body reacts to breathholding and how water pressure affects you as you dive. You also learn about freediving & spearfishing equipment, important safety/rescue techniques and buddy procedures.

With a student to teacher Ratio of 4:1, we assure MORE time per student/instructor as well as more time in the water Developing valuable skills….our focus on SAFETY and PERFORMANCE driven curriculum touches on all aspects of Spearfishing & Freediving!

*Boat fees are not included; Fees range $100-$150/Diver depending on location of boat/dives.

**You have an option for a Spring’s only course so there will not be any boat fees.

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Neptonics Set Consists Of Neptonics Plastic Fins, Ambush Mask and Silicone Snorkel. 

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