Neptonics Stretch Floatline


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Neptonics Stretch Floatline

The Neptonics STRETCH Floatline is packed with 150% more 1400lb Spectra. This allows this good looking floatline to stretch and act like a bungie while fighting fish. The stretch not only wears the fish out but its shock absorbing qualities prevent the fish from tearing off the flopper or sliptip.

  • 50 Foot Floatline stretches to 75 Feet
  • 75 Foot Floatline stretches to 112 Feet
  • 100 Foot Floatline stretches to 150 Feet
  • 120 Foot Floatline stretches to 180 Feet

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Floatline Length

100 Foot, 120 Foot, 50 Foot, 75 Foot


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