Spearmaster High Pressure Float


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Spearmaster High Pressure Float

The Spearmaster High-Pressure Float is a formidable tool in your arsenal of spearfishing equipment. This high-pressure float is capable of achieving over 39 pounds of lift to a depth of 45 feet with 20 PSI.

The float is constructed of the same nylon-reinforced material that is used in the construction of the world-famous Zodiac boats allowing for spearfishing aficionados to maintain full buoyancy and peace of mind. Zodiac uses this ultra-strong yet light material for longevity, durability, and dependability on the high seas. A spearfishing float should have all these qualities to help you land that prized fish, whether it is a yellowtail, wahoo, amberjacks, tuna, etc.

This heavy-duty float has been tested to withstand up to 20 PSI. These floats are ideal for any corner of the world. This float will be sure to give your fish a fight and help you get that fish on the boat!

  • 20 PSI pressure means more flotation at depth
  • Valve positioned so it won’t catch on other floatlines
  • Front and rear D-rings for connecting to float lines
  • Nylon ultra-strong yet light material for longevity and durability
  • Perfect for yellowtail, wahoo, ambejack, tuna, and marlin
  • Two sizes:
    • 15 Liter: 28” long x 26” diameter
    • 30 Liter: 30” long x 30” diameter

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