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Ryan Rush

A true north Florida Native, Ryan’s extreme passion and love for the ocean started at an early age. Spearfishing & surfing before he memorized his multiplication tables, Ryan learned his way around docks and boat ramps while other kids learned their way on the neighborhood playgrounds. Ryan grew up as a 2nd generation dive instructor utilizing freediving for hunting, underwater photography & reef research. After transitioning from Ocean Rescue Lifeguard for the city to assisting his father in instructing scuba diving for students, he came to the realization that he wanted to make his passion into a career. He pursed this dream and after much hard work, his father and him seized the opportunity to open up a family dive shop, The Dive Source, located in St. Augustine, Florida. Ryan now owns/runs SAVAGE DIVING & teaches Freediving, Spearfishing & Reef Research while running Spearfishing excursions throughout Florida.

Ryan is a Master Freedive Instructor, Emergency First Responder Instructor, Dive Master, USCG Captain, United States Lifeguard Association Lifetime Member, North Florida Reef Research Team Founder/President & Commercial Spearo.

Charlie Darville

Born and raised on Long Island, Bahamas, Charlie developed a profound love and passion for the ocean from a very young age. His childhood was marked not by typical playground antics but by spearfishing and mastering the art of boating, learning the ins and outs of docks and boat ramps long before mastering his multiplication tables. Growing up in the footsteps of a second-generation boat captain, Charlie not only became adept in navigating the seas but also skilled in the craft of fiberglass work, often using freediving as a means for hunting.

After completing high school in Long Island, Bahamas, Charlie worked alongside his father, gaining invaluable experience in captaining boats. It was during this time that he realized his true calling lay in turning his lifelong passion for the ocean into a career. Determined to pursue this dream, Charlie worked tirelessly and eventually earned his place as an instructor at SAVAGE DIVING Academy.

Today, Charlie is the proud operator of Sun Adventures, based in the Mangrove Bush Settlement. He specializes in teaching Freediving and Spearfishing, as well as conducting Reef Research. In addition, he expertly leads Spearfishing excursions across Long Island Bahamas, sharing his vast knowledge and enthusiasm for the ocean with others.