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Bahamas Level 2 Freedive + Spearfishing Fundamentals™ Course:

Elevate Your Underwater Skills

Course Fee: $795.00

Instructor: Local Bahamian Charlie Darville With Sun Adventures

Embark on a deeper journey into the world of freediving and spearfishing with our Level 2 Freedive + Spearfishing Fundamentals™ Course in the stunning Bahamas. This three-day course, taught by local instructor Charlie Darville with Sun Adventures and course curriculum by SAVAGE DIVING Academy, is designed to sharpen your skills and enhance your underwater experiences.

What You Will Learn:

  • Level 2 Freedive Course: SDA credited, this course is all about refining and improving your freediving skills, understanding your body’s response to apnea, and enhancing your abilities in deeper waters.
  • Spearfishing Fundamentals™ Course: Tailored for both beginners and seasoned spearos, this course focuses on efficient and safe freediving practices in spearfishing. Learn to improve your breath-hold, get comfortable at various depths, and adopt new hunting and rigging techniques.

Course Structure:

  • Four-Phase Training Program:
    1. Knowledge Development: Dive into advanced spearfishing and freediving techniques and equipment.
    2. Confined Water Session: Focus on stretching, relaxation, and refining your static/dynamic apnea skills.
    3. Open Water Sessions: Practice deeper free immersion and constant weight freedives.
    4. Buddy Procedures and Rescue Techniques: Essential skills for safety and efficiency in spearfishing.

Why Choose This Course? Whether you’re looking to advance your freediving prowess or sharpen your spearfishing skills, this course offers a comprehensive blend of theory and practical sessions. With a focus on safety, efficiency, and the joy of freediving, you’ll walk away with a heightened sense of confidence and mastery.

Your Path to Mastery: The Bahamas’ breathtaking underwater scenery provides the perfect backdrop for your training, making it an experience that goes beyond just learning.

Booking Information: Ready to advance your freediving and spearfishing skills in paradise? This course is a must for anyone serious about the sport. Book now to secure your spot in our next session and embark on an adventure that will redefine your relationship with the ocean.

Join Sun Adventurers in the Bahamas and take your underwater journey to new depths with SAVAGE DIVING Academy.