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The DIVE OUT OF ADDICTION program is an innovative approach to addiction recovery, integrating the therapeutic elements of freediving and ocean conservation into a comprehensive treatment plan. This program aims to offer individuals struggling with substance abuse a unique pathway to recovery, emphasizing physical wellness, mental health, and environmental stewardship.

Therapeutic Engagement: Utilize the calming, meditative aspects of freediving to help participants reduce stress, anxiety, and symptoms related to substance abuse.

Physical Health: Improve overall physical health and wellness of participants through the physically demanding yet rewarding activity of freediving.

Environmental Connection: Foster a sense of purpose and connection to the environment by engaging participants in ocean diving & conservation activities.

Community Building: Create a supportive community of individuals who share similar experiences and goals in recovery and conservation efforts.

Long-term Recovery Support: Establish a sustainable model for long-term recovery by integrating life skills, environmental education, and a supportive network.

DIVE OUT OF ADDICTION is designed for individuals in the recovery phase of substance abuse, particularly those who have undergone initial treatment and are seeking continued support in their recovery journey. The program is suitable for adults aged 18 and over, who are physically able to engage in moderate aquatic activities and are interested in environmental conservation. While the program is open to all qualifying individuals, it may particularly appeal to those with an affinity for nature, outdoor activities, and those seeking alternative or supplementary methods to traditional substance abuse recovery programs.