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Personal Apnea Training


Join SAVAGE DIVING ACADEMY for a personalized apnea training session and experience the freedom and serenity of freediving. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced freediver, our instructors will tailor the session to your needs and goals. You’ll start with a safety briefing and a warm-up, followed by breathing and relaxation techniques to improve your breath-holding capacity. Then, we will guide you through different apnea drills and exercises to increase your comfort and confidence underwater. You’ll also learn about equalization techniques, body positioning, and buoyancy control to enhance your diving skills. Ryan’s extensive knowledge and passion for freediving will ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable session that will leave you feeling empowered and rejuvenated. All sessions take place in a local spring or pool, where you can enjoy the crystal-clear water and the beauty of the underwater world.

St. Augustine Session

SAVAGE DIVING Academy Instructor: Ryan Rush

Long Island Bahamas

SAVAGE DIVING Academy Instructor: Charlies Darville with Sun Adventures