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Offering Both Freedive & Scuba Excursions

Bluewater Hunting, Wreck/Reef Hunting, Lionfish Hunting, Lobstering, Apnea Depth Training, Sandbar/Sunset Cruise, Night Of Lights Cruises & More!

For Experienced Divers, Offering Bluewater Spearfishing Excursions To Our Favorite Sites Sharknado, 21 Bottom, Tuna Towers & More!


Private Charters

It’s Your Boat For The Day!

St. Augustine Offshore Spearfishing Excursion

$1045.00 Full Day (8 Hours) 1-3 Divers 24ft SeaPro

St. Augustine Offshore Spearfishing Excursion
Freedive Or Scuba Charter $1,850.00
Full Day (8 Hours) 29ft Mako 1-6 Divers

St. Augustine Bluewater Spearfishing Excursion
Freedive or Scuba Charter $2,400
Full Day (10 Hours) 29ft Mako 1-6 Divers

Long Island Bahamas Spearfishing Excursion
Freedive $1,200.00 Full Day (8Hours) 1-6 Divers

Hudson, FL Offshore Spearfishing Excursion
Freedive Or Scuba Charter $1,200.00
Full Day (8 Hours) 1-6 Divers

Islamorada Or Big Pine Key Spearfishing Excursion
Freedive Or Scuba Charter $1,800.00 Full Day (8Hours) 1-6 Divers

Split Charters

Spots Are Limited So Grab Your Crew & Book Today!

*Up To 6 Divers +Guides, Level 1 Freedive Certification Required On All Split Charters*

St. Augustine Bluewater Spearfishing Excursion

*September 23rd

Hudson, FL Freedive Spearfishing Excursions

*September through November

Private Guided Boat or Yacht Spearfishing Excursions

Your Boat & Our Dive Sites, Land Based or Yacht!

The Best Kept Secrets In Florida Spearfishing Is A Short Boat Ride From Atlantic, Gulf Or BAHAMAS… Hands Down The Best Place To Learn To Spearfish Or Shoot The Fish Of A Lifetime.

Click Book Now or Contact Ryan For More Information.

Spear Camp™

Long Island Bahamas January 16th-23rd, 2024

California Bluefin Tuna July 5th-8th, 2024

St. Augustine Bluewater Spearfishing May 2nd-5th, 2024

Colombia Amazon Spearfishing Contact Ryan For Booking

Click For Details & Booking

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Wet Dream Charters Pensacola, FL

Scuba Or Freedive Charter $2,500.00 Full Day (8 Hours) 1-20 Divers

We offer small group, SCUBA diving trips to at least two different destinations every day of the week. Wet Dream is our Custom 50ft Dive Boat that takes up to 20 divers out of Pensacola. It’s our V-Hull, twin-engine vessel providing comfortable seating and amenities for a quick, safe, convenient ride to each dive location.

NOAA Federal Fishing Permits for up to 32 Divers; to ensure safety we cap ALL SPEARFISHING EXCURSIONS to six Freedivers or Scuba Divers (no mixing).

The Wet Dream is equipped with two marine heads (bathroom), a freshwater shower, padded seating, snacks, refreshments, and all the necessary safety equipment. Knowledgeable crewmembers will provide an onboard briefing to familiarize you with the boat, our equipment, and the spectacular marine life.

Our Instructors/Guides Dive & Spearfish year-round for a living, they always know exactly where to take you for the finest catches of trolling or bottom fishes. Bluewater Spearfishing include African Pompano, Mahi Mahi, Wahoo, Tuna, & Cubera Snapper. Reef/Wreck Spearfishing include Grouper, Snapper, Amberjack, Triggerfish, Cobia, and many other fishes that love hiding in the many places offshore that our captains & guides know about from fishing these waters generation after generation!

Conveniently located in Pensacola, Florida at the Southwind Marina, we are only minutes from the Gulf Ocean. This means you don’t spend a lot of time “boat riding” though the waterway to get to the fishing grounds. Once we clear the pass our twin-diesel boats make great time so you can get your hooks in the water sooner than later to start Spearfishing.

What to bring on your trips?

Dive Gear (Rental Is Available), Tip For The Crew, Sunscreen, Hat & Sunglasses
Camera For The Memories
An Ice Chest To Bring Your Filets Home
Drinks, Food & Snacks

All deposits are non-refundable.

If client does not show up for scheduled charter trip, client will lose the deposit and charter fee.
If client cancels and reschedules 7 days before scheduled charter, the deposit will be applied to the future charter trip.
If a trip is canceled by the captain due to weather, the customer has option to re-schedule and the deposit will be applied to the re-scheduled trip or a full refund will be issued.

* Prices are subject to tax and harbor fees.
* All prices are subject to change without notice.
* There is a 72-hour cancellation policy for all dive and snorkel trips.
* Promotional Rates may apply on qualified activities after your first activity booking.