HeadHunter WARHEAD Slip Tip



HeadHunter WARHEAD Cable Slip Tip

Meet the Warhead! It has less wobble when it is seated on the injector rod, but it also toggles beautifully, even better than the Showstopper does. It has a 4-sided cut point and blood grooves for improved penetration in scaled fish and easy sharpening in the field. And we milled out the area around the cable connection to allow for a lower profile loop that will decrease wear and tear on both spectra and cable. All of these features are packed into a HeadHunter WARHEAD Cable Slip Tip These tips are shipping now to our dealers as the new standard on all our gear. This is a replacement of what comes on the Nomad & Predator pole spears, 6mm Kit, and Riffe kit.


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Cabel, Spectra


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